Academy Match report: Manchester United u21s 2-1 Blackburn Rovers u21s – Man United News And Transfer News

The Manchester United u21s hosted Blackburn Rovers at Lee Sports Village on Friday night.

United took the initiative from the off and the first chance came from Mark Jurado playing the ball down the channel to Joe Fugill.

The Blackburn keeper was first tested by Dan Gore. The keeper unleashed a quick snap his shot off the edge of the box with a weak left foot.

A present behind Nathan Bishop handed Blackburn the first opening with a long-range dribble shot that nearly caught Bishop off guard, but the United keeper managed to recover and catch it at his fingertips. Did.

Some excellent passing plays opened up opportunities for Isak Hansen-Aaroen to dribble into the box, but the Norwegian searched for the perfect starting point and eventually ran into a defender to strike. I killed

In the 23rd minute United put the pressure on and Hansen Aaroen cut in from the left flank and shot into the bottom left corner to knock the keeper down.

Just a minute later, a bizarre goal gave United the lead. A ball lofted inside the box from Zidane Iqbal was flicked by Forson soaring in the air, past the goalkeeper and dripping just over the line before clearing.

Approaching the 30-minute mark, Hansen Aaroen closed in with a double chance on the left flank. Noam Emmeran slid inside and a touch from the midfielder smashed the ball into a volley that the keeper returned to pass for a second attempt, but again failed to beat the keeper.

United put the ball into the net for the second time in the 39th minute after Jurado finally slammed it into the net before a goal-line scramble of Jurado and Emmeran came within inches of the score. However, the referee ruled it out as he pulled a defender away from Fugil.

However, United eventually scored the second just before the break. Gore played the ball intricately from the left, Emmeran cut back inside, leaving defenders on the ground to open space for the Frenchman to slot low past the keeper, before Marcus Rashford’s new infamous celebration. ran away to copy the .

Five minutes into the second half, Gore spread the ball to Jurado. Jurrard fired a low cross that nearly got in for a Blackburn defender, but ended up just over the bar.

United maintained their dominance in the second half, but after failing to capitalize on it, Blackburn scored one against the flow of play. A series of crosses from the right and left into the box were not cleared by United and were homered at center by Ben Fayls after three consecutive crosses.

Hugill responded almost immediately, giving me two chances in quick succession. The first was from a wide angle, the second was Forson squared the ball into the box and Fugil unusually blocked the line and completely miskicked the ball.

In the second half, Fugil held the ball and was laid off to Forson to attack from 18 yards, but was denied by the crossbar from a stunning goal and skimmed the woodwork.

Forson volleyed Sam Murray’s cross from 12 yards out before the final whistle, but was stopped by a superb save by the Blackburn keeper.

When the final whistle blew, United won 2-1 to extend their fourth straight league win.

United: Bishop, Jurado, Al-Geoffrey, Hadley, Murray, Iqbal, Gore, Forson, Hansen Aaroen (Collier 82), Emmeran (Mejia 82), Fugil

Unused subs: Mee, Jackson, Huddlestone

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