Alvin Kamara hilariously pokes fun at rumors that Sean Payton may leave Saints

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Saints coach Sean Payton right now.

Rumors have swirled about the status of the New Orleans coach as the 2022 NFL offseason rolls around. More Highlights, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Payton is “not committed to returning” to the Saints in 2022.

Sources say Payton, who has three years left on his contract, has not committed to returning as coach for another season in New Orleans. He has yet to inform the organization he has trained for since 2006 that he will definitely return.

Rapoport also reported that Payton is on vacation and may have his phone turned off. However, Payton “has let go of several people close to him” during this time, fueling further speculation.

Saints owner Gayle Benson did little to stem the spread of those rumors when she said Monday that she wasn’t sure if Payton would return for a 16th season.

However, at least one member of the Saints organization doesn’t seem too concerned about the rumors surrounding Payton. That would be running back Alvin Kamara.

Kamara took to Twitter on Sunday night to mock the rumors by revealing that he “wasn’t 100% committed” to his dinner plans.

That’s a pretty funny quip on Kamara’s part, and it certainly doesn’t sound like she’s too worried about Payton coming back. Or maybe he’s just tired of the rumors and this is the way to get it off his chest.

Payton’s plans should be known soon enough, and he’ll likely be involved in the 2022 NFL season in some capacity. If he does not return to the saints, Fox is reportedly eyeing him. as a potential replacement for Troy Aikman should the former Cowboys quarterback and veteran broadcaster jump ship and sign with Amazon.

So expect to see Payton involved with the NFL in one way or another in the future. It may not be with the saints.