BBC Sport pundit troubled by what he saw from three Liverpool players during Real Madrid embarrassment

It’s no exaggeration to say that Liverpool’s second half of the Champions League saw Jürgen Klopp’s side score three goals without reaction, with little brilliance.

The fact that the hosts were (or should have been) attacking Cop ameliorate the embarrassing situation in which the team is in a precipitous decline following last season’s quadruple hunt high. It was nothing.

Fabinho, Jordan Henderson and Virgil van Dijk were named by BBC Sport’s Phil McNulty as far from the best players on the night Real Madrid beat their opponents.

“Fabinho and Jordan Henderson, who were overtaken by 37-year-old Luka Modric for Real’s fifth goal, are shadows of who they used to be.”

“The same was true for Virgil van Dijk on Tuesday, but Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez also had a very uncomfortable night as Real easily beat Liverpool in the second half.

“The Reds are light-years away from the team that did the quad last season, and the miracle at the Bernabéu is definitely ahead.

“Klopp would have known even before Tuesday’s embarrassment that this team needed an update. The way they were humbled by Real simply crystallized those beliefs. is.”

There are already serious question marks about the future of our No.3 and No.14, and it’s clear they need a facelift in the middle of the park.

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Nowhere has this reality been more exposed than with the emergence of Stefan Bajetic, who is breathing fresh life into midfield. Mo Salah argued that this was possibly the best player since the World Cup hiatus.

Liverpool will have to make do with the current options until the summer, but Liverpool will not be able to book on the market at the next opportunity.

Our mission statement is clear. Either he brings in at least two new young midfielders who can meet the demands of Klopp’s rock ‘n’ roll football, or face the prospect of a completely unruly decline.

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