Benitez blames Athens defeat on Crouch and Mascherano change

Liverpool supporters of all ages are lucky to have final memories of the Champions League or the European Cup. Rafa Benitez shared his thoughts on one of his less-talked-about matches, his match against AC Milan in Athens.

On the ‘We are Liverpool’ podcast, the Spaniard explained why the Reds lost in 2007:not because of [playing Crouch] But because we created a gap, Mascherano was normally in a position where the second striker would be, but we lost this control and they [AC Milan] Playing behind a defender, Inzaghi scores [the second goal]…

“Some people say to me: ‘Why didn’t you play a striker and you brought in a full-back in the last minute in Athens?’ – we were attacking and they were deep. , had to make a cross to get the ball back. [in the box]”.

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This may not be welcome news for Peter Crouch, who seems pointed here as responsible for our defeat, but the 62-year-old has made more aggressive changes. It is clear that you are blaming yourself.

Many wanted him to be more aggressive in the game, but these two reasons mentioned by the former coach indicate that he clearly disagrees with that opinion.

Benitez’s thoughts on Athens (starting at 32:48) can be seen on Liverpool FC on YouTube.

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