Benitez reveals three players he nearly signed for Liverpool

Football fans love transfer rumors, but it’s always hard to know how much truth there is behind a name you hear, but thanks to Rafa Benitez’s latest interview, Liverpool supporters are , to find out which player he was closest to signing during his reign.

On the ‘We are Liverpool’ podcast, the 62-year-old first said of Dani Alves:

“Then we have to decide which of the players. [Dirk Kuyt] If you choose someone who can play as a striker, second striker, right winger, or a right-back Brazilian playing in Spain, you have to play as a right winger. That’s a big risk. ”

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The Spaniard said of Stevan Jovetić: He played for Fiorentina, which cost him £16 million.

“In my head, on my budget, I had the money. And when I went to sign him, I was like, ‘No, you don’t have the money.’ They then played Fiorentina and lost 2-0, with Jovetić scoring twice. He is the player I wanted.

“These are the kind of things fans don’t know about”.

Negotiations for Michael Owen’s departure from Anfield in 2004 provided the final transfer shock.

“Juanfran played for Real Madrid’s B team and then for Atlético Madrid as right-back and right winger. He needed a right wing.

“They said no and they let in [Antonio] Nunez under contract. I got Nunes, who was always injured and probably wasn’t the best sign, but I was looking to bring in someone else to improve my contract.

It’s certainly interesting to hear how many players in red shirts have been able to replace players like Dirk Kuyt and Antonio Nunez.

There are so many deals, conversations and events off the pitch that we won’t hear about until years later.

Benitez’s comments on Alves, Jovetić and Juanfran can be seen on YouTube on Liverpool FC.

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