Can Scoot Henderson Be The 1st Overall Pick?

With some very special prospects available to teams in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft, some are calling 7’2-inch Victor Wenbanyama the best young talent they’ve ever seen.

He’s so coveted that there are four NBA teams currently ruining their seasons to earn the right to draft generational prospects. There are always, but all of these franchises look to just one player.

Can Scoot Henderson pass Victor Wenbanyama to become the number one player?

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Or do they? Wembanyama is considered to be the obvious and undisputed pick as the overall No. 1 pick in the draft, but there is another player who has made his way onto the oddsmakers’ board.

Wembanyama is undeniably the frontrunner, with a -2500 1st overall pick. It’s like easy money. Until recently, the only other list available was “Field”, +2000. If someone other than Wembanyama is picked first, they’ll get some good cash. But now, with the G-League genius making his case, has his three options.

Scoot Henderson has played for the G League Ignite the last two seasons and is enjoying a breakout year in 2022-23. Henderson is averaging 21.2 points, 6 assists and 4.3 rebounds in his six games. The two of them have actually played against each other, with Henderson leading his team to victory with 28 points and 9 assists.

Henderson’s game is often compared to that of Russell Westbrook. One NBA executive reportedly said Henderson’s shot was already better than Westbrook’s and had a good chance of improving on the absolutely abysmal 17.4% he shot from deep in his first year. In the six games he played in 2022-23, that percentage soared to 47.

As the undisputed No. 1 overall pick, would it be enough to take over Victor Wenbanyama? .