Can Union Berlin overthrow Bayern Munich to win the title?

Union Berlin threaten one of the biggest surprises in Bundesliga history as they challenge reigning champions Bayern Munich for the title. They are level on points with Bayern with just over a third of him remaining in the season. But do the unexpected happen? Can Union Berlin beat Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga?

The title race will reach a boiling point this weekend with the belief that they could form a title race against Bayern Munich and Union Berlin could lift the trophy.

The Story of Union Berlin

Union Berlin have been on a rollercoaster ride through history until they reached the point of challenging for the Bundesliga title.

The club was founded in 1966 in East Germany in its current form and joined the German league structure after reunification in 1990.

The club struggled financially and competed mainly in regional leagues before becoming one of the founding members of the 3. Liga in 2008.

The club won its first season in 3. Liga and 2. won promotion to the Bundesliga, where it stayed until promotion during the 2018/2019 season.

Now they are challenging for the title.

Bayern dominate German football

In sports, people like looking at numbers. It’s the same with football. In the Bundesliga standings so far, Bayern Munich is further away from his second place and further away than bottom-placed Union.

The last time Bayern failed to win the Bundesliga was 2012.

The value of the team could not be greater, and the value of Bayern’s center defense could buy an entire squad from Kaepenick.

History suggests: Bayern Munich become champions. They have the best team, the most experienced players and confidence.

All Bundesliga fans are more or less resigned to it. But football has repeatedly shown that there are exceptions to the rule.

Just as Union Berlin dreams of shocking the Bundesliga, they can see Leicester City as a role model.

Leicester City, who played in the third division until 2009, were promoted to the Premier League in 2014 and became champions in 2016.

So, given the similarities in their journeys, it’s natural to compare the two.

Quality at Union Berlin

Union Berlin have built a strong squad in recent years, which has helped them establish themselves in the Bundesliga. It is the hallmark of a team that has a good balance of experienced players and young talent.

Winter’s additions of Juranovic, Roussillon, and Raiduni seem to integrate very well. Ride Urchin in particular shows that it has a lot of potential in a short playtime.

The three-man defense boasts the second-best defensive stats in the league.

Can Union Berlin beat Bayern?

In addition to the Bundesliga and the domestic cup, Union Berlin will play in the Europa League this season. An additional burden that the club is not accustomed to.

As a result, director Urs Fischer is forced to rotate.

“The team is always on the limit,” said coach Urs Fischer. So far, it’s been working very well. But we can’t give him an inch. ”

1. No one can expect FC Union Berlin to win the championship title this season.

Union fans sing about winning championships because they enjoy them. But behind every joke there is always a glimmer of seriousness.

It’s up to the team and coach Urs Fischer to make this miracle happen. A little support from Bayern also helps. They’ve already dropped a few points in 2023, which isn’t normal.

This season is the perfect chance to oust FC Bayern from the throne.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Matthias Koch