Chelsea Women manager wants UK to be open to closed league

Chelsea Women manager Emma Hayes has urged English football officials to consider a closed league. Like all English professional football leagues, the English Women’s Super League currently operates a promotion and relegation system.

Hayes has experience in similar situations

“I’ve done that job in the US,” said Hayes, the former manager of the Chicago Red Stars. “I like the idea of ​​relegation and promotion from a traditional perspective, but that doesn’t mean we should be held back. We should be open about it.”

“I’ve seen success in promoting a franchise-type league and consistency in doing it. Look at the WNBA. [Women’s National Basketball Association] As a good example. ”

“We should be open to everything and not always compare everything just because it is traditional or just because it is a man’s game. I think we should be open about reflecting facets.”

Hayes managed the Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League for two and a half years before joining Chelsea. The NWSL, like Major League Soccer, is now a closed league. This means that the league has no promotion and no relegation.

British closed league for women has prize money changes

In addition to comments about closed leagues, the manager also touched on the big difference in prize money between women’s and men’s clubs.The men’s FA Cup winner will earn around $2.4 million this season. Compare this to the Women’s FA Cup her champion who receives about $120,000.

“You got the prize. It’s scandalous and outrageous,” Hayes said. “Across the women’s game, that prize money will have an impact on the entire food chain.”

“Additionally, when the next broadcast rights are in place, I think it will be an important moment for the women’s game.”

“The prize money will help the club secure more budget to create support inside and outside the club.”

Hayes is Chelsea’s manager as well as contributing to the national reputation of women’s football in England. Released in 2022, the assessment will help determine how to grow women’s sport at both the professional and grassroots levels.