Dallas Cowboys Unlikely To Franchise Tag Dalton Schultz

According to Fansided’s Matt Verderame, the Dallas Cowboys are unlikely to franchise tight end Dalton Schultz.

Schultz has contributed to the team’s offense in recent seasons. He is one of the underrated tight ends in his NFL.

The decision not to use a franchise tag for Schultz is likely due to the team’s salary cap situation. It is expected to tighten in the next few years. A franchise tag would have cost the Cowboys a lot of money.

The team is already working on paying top salaries to several key players, including quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott. They may also choose to tag running back Tony Pollard, who is also an imminent free agent.

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Despite the decision not to use the franchise tag for Schultz, the Cowboys have expressed interest in signing a long-term contract extension with him. caught 57 passes for 577 yards and five touchdowns.

Schultz may not be tagged in 2023, but the Cowboys are still expected to have a strong offense. Dallas is looking to improve on their divisional loss against the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from Ceedee Lamb, Schultz was the only relevant pass catcher.

The decision not to use a franchise tag for Schultz reflects the Cowboys’ commitment to building a balanced and sustainable team for the future. will continue to be recognized and appreciated for his contributions.

The Dallas Cowboys are still considered playoff favorites, according to the Texas Sportsbook. But losing Schultz to free agency would be tough if they didn’t keep him. It will be difficult to replace him.