Giants’ Joe Judge ripped for calling inexplicable QB sneak on third-and-9: ‘This is sad’

This play call can make Giants fans sad.

The Giants are rapidly descending to a 4-13 season, and a few play calls on Sunday perfectly encapsulated the radical and hilarious ineptitude of the New York offense and

Trailing 3-0 at the end of the second quarter, the Giants began their advance deep within their own territory. On a third and 9 from its own 4-yard line, the Giants offense dug deep into its bag of tricks and called … a stealthy quarterback?

To make matters even more hysterical, the Giants preceded their sneaky third-9 with a sneaky second-11, and that followed a false start penalty that pushed them inches from the goal line.

Fox commentator Chris Myers put it plainly: “This is sad.”

To try and apply logic to an otherwise illogical situation: The Giants’ offense is reaching football league levels of ineffectiveness, and they are unwilling to take risks deep within their own turf in a tight game, Judge probably wanted to give his kicker some more. room to breathe.

Judge has been a lightning rod for criticism ever since he set foot in New York, and unfortunately for Bill Belichick’s disciple, he doesn’t have the track record, pedigree, or results of his mentor to give him the slack needed for a bizarre play like this. . .

Reports indicate that owner John Mara may be willing to give Judge another chance in 2022, this time with a general manager of his choice. Fox Sports ‘Jay Glazer reported Sunday that Kevin Abrams, the Giants’ assistant general manager, could be Judge’s pick.

It seems that Giants fans were taking this news well:

Elsewhere, NFL analyst Judge was criticized for the decision to punt before punt: