How Jalen Ramsey’s cryptic tweet led to the Rams signing of Eric Weddle, disappointing fans

Jalen Ramsey doesn’t play indoors, but he is a connoisseur of the Rams.

The Rams pulled Eric Weddle out of retirement Wednesday, surprisingly signing the safety to a one-year deal to help bolster the rear end as the Rams prepare for the Cardinals on Monday night. The move reunites Weddle with his secondary partner Ramsey, who was very excited about the move.

But Ramsey’s noon tweet on Wednesday isn’t the first time DB has flagged a pending transaction. On Tuesday night, Ramsey sent out a cryptic tweet that made NFL fans wonder what exactly he was talking about:

If context clues give us anything, Ramsey is an unofficial member of the Rams, considering that two recent vague tweets of this nature have preceded major moves.

In early 2021, Ramsey apparently signaled impending moves for both Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. with cryptic tweets. First, on November 1, just before the Rams closed a deal with the Broncos to bring pass rusher Von Miller to Hollywood:

Later, Ramsey’s spider senses twitched once more, just before LA blocked free agent Beckham, sending another tweet with the same vibes:

Rams fans caught on to Ramsey’s stunt and predicted a move was coming with Tuesday night’s tweet. Most, however, did not see that the result would be Weddle, but instead thought the Rams would make a move for Antonio Brown. Some were disappointed.

Weddle, a former All-Pro first team, last played in 2020 as a member of the Rams, played only one season with Los Angeles before retiring after the season. The move comes on the back of news that safety Jordan Fuller would miss the playoffs.

Antonio Brown’s well-documented saga resulted in his reaching free agency in January. Brown is not expected to sign with either team for the remainder of the 2021 season. Sorry Rams fans. (Or celebrate that fact.)

Move over, Adam Schefter.