How MLS Season Pass pricing compares

The MLS Season Pass has great potential for Major League Soccer fans, but the price may put some less enthusiastic supporters back.

The base price for the MLS Season Pass is $14.99 per month. There is also an annual option where users can subscribe for $99 for a season. Second, Apple TV+ subscribers get their own small discount. Monthly subscriptions are $12.99 and seasonal subscriptions are $79.

Over 900 games are allotted in the MLS Season Pass. It has all the MLS, MLS NEXT, MLS NEXT Pro and League Cup matches. In addition to that, the platform has extensive video content produced by both leagues and teams. Players, club legends and fan engagement features are all possible with the MLS Season Pass.

MLS Season Pass is expensive compared to other football streaming services. Competitors aren’t that deep, though. They offer more options such as different leagues and often different sports.

MLS Season Pass Pricing Stack Up

Includes all MLS games, MLS Cups, League Cups, select MLS NEXT Pro Games + exclusive content

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First, the MLS Season Pass may not be as expensive as some believe. For one, there are some potential discounts. The largest of them goes to season ticket holders. MLS Season Ticket holders have a season-long subscription to the MLS Season Pass included free with the ticket. That way, you’ll be able to see all of the club’s away games, as well as all other MLS games this season.

Second, the annual option alone cuts a significant portion of the monthly fee. The risk on top of that is that the Apple TV is new to the soccer scene. Despite attracting a lot of talented people, it definitely leads to some kinks early on.

Still, let’s compare the price of the MLS Season Pass to other prices in the same category.

American team vs British team

One of the biggest draws to the MLS Season Pass is the fact that it has all the games from all the teams, various competitions – MLS, MLS NEXT, MLS NEXT Pro and the League Cup are all included. However, MLS fans often only follow their own clubs. In other words, the league is characterized by having a very strong local following with less national momentum. The National Hockey League is in a very similar position.

For comparison, consider an English club such as Burnley. Championship sides may not always be available on ESPN+. It’s not in the Premier League, of course, so it’s not on NBC’s network or his Peacock. Fans can subscribe to see all of Burnley’s games but that’s a whopping $169 per season again it’s just Burnley and some of these games are on his ESPN+ It’s blacked out because it’s possible.

In that regard, Burnley supporters want the same $99 a year deal as MLS fans. Not only will you pay less to watch every Burnley game, but you’ll also get the rest of the league and all bonuses his content included in his pass for the MLS season. What’s more, the MLS Season Pass is an international contract, so there are no blackouts for anyone in the world with an MLS Season Pass.

quantity and quality

There is some debate about how many international fans actually watch MLS. The league itself is somewhat taciturn to international audiences, but Sky Sports reported around 30,000 viewers eight years before him. That was a while ago, but it shows that leagues aren’t necessarily jumping across the pond.

Anyway, the MLS Season Pass is available worldwide with an internet connection. But when we look to the United States, are casual fans more inclined to subscribe to the MLS Season Pass, knowing that there’s only Major League Soccer? I’m sure there are many fans who have seen it on ESPN or Univision before.

These people are soccer fans. You may already have ESPN+ to watch leagues such as LaLiga, Bundesliga, Championship and FA Cup. You can also check out Paramount+ and Peacock for the Premier League, Serie A, UEFA Champions League and more. Each of these competing streaming subscriptions is individually cheaper than MLS.

MLS Season Pass pricing may be based on broadcast quality. All games and aforementioned video content have multilingual options, pre- and post-match coverage. Again, this is just MLS. ESPN+’s football schedule includes popular and niche leagues such as the Eredivisie and the Belgian Pro League. Similarly, Paramount+ has headline grabbers such as the Champions League and Serie A. It also covers the Argentine Primera, the English Women’s Super League and international competitions.

Casual fans tend to prefer width over depth. they want options.

Debut of the MLS Season Pass

The subscription service launched in early February, but won’t be under the microscope until the season begins on February 25th. Then this major experiment between Major League Soccer and Apple will bear fruit. Ultimate fans may appreciate being able to seamlessly watch as much MLS as possible. Carefree fans may not like the pricing of the MLS Season Pass. we will see

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