Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Comparing Boxing Career Earnings

Ever wondered who made more money in the boxing ring, Jake Paul or Tommy Fury? Well, in this article, we’ve analyzed both fighters’ career earnings from boxing. This includes both professional boxing matches and exhibitions they have done. Read on to find out even more.

With a pair of boxing rivals set to battle it out this Sunday night, we decided to take a deep dive into both of their boxing careers. Reveal if you have a career income.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury – Who made more money boxing?

After months of back and forth, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have finally settled their differences in the ring. It became the destination for the megafight on the 26th. This Sunday night promises to be a huge spectacle for boxing around the world.

If the match goes down, it could be the biggest game of the year. Two celebrities who are arguably more famous for their careers outside the ring than they are in. If the pair finally meet in the middle of the ring at the end of February, it will be one of the biggest fights in recent memory. I have all the elements.

The fight could fetch hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of purchases on pay-per-view. Could Paul vs Fury compete with some of the highest-grossing boxing fights of all time?

In the early betting market, Jake Paul was a -180 favorite, best offshore sportsbookFury is currently a +150 underdog, but we fully expect this British player to return to his advantage as the fight draws near. sports betting apps.

Jake paul career boxing earnings.

Jake Paul only had his first professional boxing match in 2020, but thanks to his boxing career, he will become the highest-paid athlete under the age of 25 in 2021, according to Forbes.

After two fights in 2020, the “problem child” has three fights in the boxing ring in 2021. Paul has only had one fight with Anderson Silva in 2022, but he has made an astronomical amount of money since he started boxing. Hats off to him. He knows how to market himself.

The American YouTube star started his boxing career in an exhibition match against KSI’s brother Deji. Jake Paul won the fight by knockout, and he reportedly won around $3 million in prize money in the contest.

His next fight in 2020 was considered a professional outing. The former Disney Channel star earned another $1 million in that fight and ended the year with more than $4 million in boxing earnings. star Nate Robinson, left unconscious on the canvas. It was just the beginning for Jake Paul, who has had a meteoric rise since then.

Jake Paul scored astronomical numbers the following year.It has been reported Ohio The man made about $40 million in 2021. Forbes said his three bouts in 2021, the first against Ben Askren and then Tyrone, against Woodley, earned him $40 million from pay-per-views and other revenue streams. It was suggested that the number of An additional $5 million was reportedly paid out from non-boxing activities.

“The Problem Child” was so much more. In 2022, Paul had one fight with former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The 26-year-old is reported to have earned nearly $5 million in battle over guaranteed purses and pay-per-view income. This figure could actually make him over $5 million for a staged match in Arizona.

Hats off to the man. He certainly knows how to make money and he has transformed himself into one of the highest paid boxers in the world. period.

Jake Paul’s total boxing ring earnings equal approximately $54 millionThis is pretty amazing considering Paul only started the sport three years ago and has yet to fight a real professional boxer.

It will be interesting to see him finally step up and fight a real boxer, and February 26 seems like it. Paul is probably best boxing sportsbook when the battle comes.

great respect. He has earned an absolute fortune and will continue to do so as his boxing career progresses.

jake paul boxing

Tommy Fury Career Boxing Earnings

Tommy Fury has been a professional boxer since making his debut in 2018 on the undercard of Josh Warrington vs. Carl Frampton. He has more than four years of his career as a professional boxer, but only has his eight professional bouts.

The younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, he rose to stardom after appearing in the reality TV series Love Island. Fury took second place on the show with Molly-Mae Hague in 2019 and the pair are still dating today.In fact, Molly-Mae gave birth to her first child just three weeks before him and was named ‘TNT’. became a father for the first time.

The 23-year-old looks to be making more money outside the ring than in the ring. With various global sponsorship deals with his brands, Tommy Fury has earned an absolute fortune outside the ring. Inside the ring, however, it’s clear that Fury hasn’t yet maximized his bottom line.

In eight professional boxing matches so far, Fury made less than $1 million total from boxingThis is no surprise given the fact that Fury has only appeared on the undercards of big shows and has yet to headline his own show.

In Fury’s seventh fightback against Anthony Taylor in 2021, he reportedly made $15,000 for the match. That fight was on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Tyrone Woodley – a huge fight card that saw Fury’s nemesis win a close fight over the former UFC welterweight champion.

In contrast, Paul made about $3 million for his fight with Woodley on the same night. The comparison between Paul and Fury in terms of current earnings and star power is chalk and cheese. But all that could change if the British win this match on February 26th.

Of course, “TNT” is not unimaginably poor. Considering the fact that he’s a huge celebrity and also bears the Fury name, he’s probably earned more than the other eight Fight newbies.

Jake Paul made more money in boxing than Tommy Fury

All in all, the career earnings within the boxing ring between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are a complete mismatch. The “problem child” has had as many fights and Fury actually beats his British rival even though he has been playing professionally for two years longer than his American counterpart. earns over $50 million more.

One of the main reasons Paul makes millions more than “TNT” is that the American headlined basically every show he fought for. Fury is not. Fury has so far he has fought eight times, each on the undercard of a much bigger event. This is his one of the key differences in this pair.

Jake Paul is a star attraction, headlining the event and attracting millions to watch him boxing. This is why he’s likely to earn twice as much as Fury when the pair meet in the boxing ring on February 26.

Interestingly, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said last week that if Jake Paul wins this fight, he would be in the top 15 of the WBC’s cruiserweight rankings. Sulaiman argues that if the “problem child” beats his fierce British rival, he deserves every right to be included in his official WBC world rankings.

This comment from Sulaiman sparked outrage in the boxing community and fans were outraged. Sulaimán is absolutely ridiculous when he states that a world ranking will be awarded if the novice wins six matches. But it’s fair play to Jake Paul. This shows how much of a name he has become in his boxing circles.

Boxing fans are super excited for this grudge match and the fight is just days away. Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury. Two rivals in conflict. Only one person can be the top! who is that? We’ll finally find out on Sunday night when the pair face off in Saudi Arabia.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

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