Kansas State’s Ayoka Lee breaks women’s NCAA basketball record by scoring 61 points

Kansas State’s Ayoka Lee scored 61 points Sunday against Oklahoma, which is now the new record for most points scored in an NCAA Division I women’s basketball game.

Kansas State defeated the No. 14 team 94-65 thanks to Lee. At one point, Oklahoma had 61 points, which was all Lee had at the time. Overall, Lee’s 61 points account for nearly 65 percent of the team’s points.

The previous NCAA record was 60 points, set in 1987 by Cindy Brown with 20 field goals and in 2016 by Rachel Banham with 19 field goals. Banham played in two overtimes to help her reach the record; Lee sat out the last two and a half times and broke the previous record. Additionally, Lee made 23 of 30 field goal attempts with 12 rebounds.

Lee was breaking records throughout the game. In the first half alone, Lee scored 32 points, and this is the first time in Kansas State women’s basketball history that a player has a 30-point half. Oklahoma only had 27 total points after the first half.

When Lee reached 51 points, he officially broke the previous Big 12 scoring record of 50 points in a single game. However, she did not stop there.

This season alone, Lee has already been named National Player of the Week twice, Big 12 Player of the Week three times and was named in the Wooden Award’s Mid-Season Top 25. Now she adds record holder to her resume.

After the game, Lee’s Wildcat teammates were up to the task when it came to celebrating the achievement.

Phoenix Mercury player Brianna Turner tweeted live during Lee’s historic game. I was just as in awe of the junior player from Kansas State as the rest of social media.