Liverpool criticised for ’33-minute flight home’ from Newcastle

Liverpool and Newcastle played an interesting match this weekend, but criticism has been directed at the club over their decision to fly back from the northeast after the game.

As The Mirror’s Felix Keith first reported, “After beating Newcastle, Liverpool took a 33-minute flight home… they opted for the ease of a private flight to save a three-hour drive. I chose…

“Liverpool have decided to return for performance reasons ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League match against Real Madrid”.

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Many may scoff at the idea that our victory in a big game turns into criticism that the Reds are harming the environment, but especially for reducing their carbon footprint. At a time when the global effort for

The report continues that the decision was made for football reasons as, as previously mentioned, they wanted the entire team to return home as soon as possible so they could prepare for the Champions League match against Real Madrid.

If this is a one-off decision made to increase the odds of winning at Anfield this week, then certainly in the short term this is forgivable.

The long-term focus should be on ensuring that every club tries to travel in a greener way, rather than flashing cash and catching short flights across the country.

However, with so many games being so dense and fast, we also need to take care of our players and make sure they recover in the best possible way when they’re hours away from another match.

It feels like an argument that no one can win, but both sides of this narrative need to work to find a balance between healing players and making the world a greener place.

You can view the original tweet about Liverpool flying to Newcastle and the full thread via @felixkeith on Twitter.

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