Longest Premier League winning streaks: Manchester City closing in on consecutive victories record

Pep Guardiola has transformed Manchester City during his tenure at the Etihad from mere title contenders to annual giants.

Already, Guardiola’s 2017-18 season, saw the city rewrite the record books and knock out the last English flight, winning the league by a 19-point margin and setting records for the largest margin of victory, most points in a season, most goals scored in a season, and highest goal differential in a season.

That campaign also saw Man City set the record for the longest league winning streak at 18 matches, as Guardiola’s squad break to 32 wins in that year, compared to just four draws and two defeats.

The record has since been reached, and eventually equaled, by Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool during the insane 2019 calendar year which saw Liverpool rack up an insane 36 games unbeaten, only tainted by a 1-1 draw with Manchester United that split winning streaks. of 18 and 17.

This season, Guardiola is crawling for that record, and given the unbeatable his team looks again, it’s entirely feasible to see the record come close, equal or even surpassed. Here, we take a look at how history currently tells, and which city needs to reshuffle the board.

Longest winning streak in the Premier League

Below is a list of the longest winning streaks in Premier League history. Man City also hold the English record for consecutive wins in all competitions, with 21 made in less than three months between December 2020 and March 2021.

One point to remember: all Premier League records date back to the inception of the League as we know it in 1992. But interestingly, the 18-game winning streak is also the history of starting flights in England. The most anyone before the start of the Premier League was Arsenal’s 14th straight in 1987.

Consecutive wins Team start date Finish date terminated by
18 city ​​man August 26, 2017 December 31, 2017 Crystal Palace (D, 0-0)
18 Liverpool October 27, 2019 February 29, 2020 Watford (W, 3-0)
17 Liverpool March 10, 2019 October 20, 2019 United Man (D, 1-1)
fifteen city ​​man February 3, 2019 August 17, 2019 Tottenham (D, 2-2)
14 Arsenal February 10, 2002 August 24, 2002 West Ham (D, 2-2)
13 chelsea October 1, 2016 January 4, 2017 Tottenham (L, 2-0)
12 city ​​man November 6, 2021 ??? ???
12 United Mar 10, 2000 August 22, 2000 Ipswich Town (D, 1-1)

Where is Man City currently?

As seen in the table above, this season’s City currently sits at 12-game winning streak. Their run began with a 2-0 win over rivals Manchester United in early November, which followed a 2-0 loss to Crystal Palace, currently only the team’s second loss of the season.

The club have been the benefactor of excellent fortune on the injury front so far this season, and unprecedented squad depth has allowed Guardiola to navigate COVID-19 outbreaks smoothly.

Here’s a look at all the matches in the current streak:

Win # Date Adversary Score
one November 6, 2021 United 2-0
two November 21, 2021 Everton 3-0
3 November 28, 2021 western ham 2-1
4 December 1, 2021 Aston-Villa 2-1
5 December 4, 2021 watford 3-1
6 December 11, 2021 Wolves 1-0
7 December 14, 2021 Leeds United 7-0
8 December 19, 2021 newcastle 4-0
9 December 26, 2021 city ​​of leicester 6-3
10 December 29, 2021 Brentford 1-0
eleven January 1, 2022 Arsenal 2-1
12 January 15, 2022 chelsea 1-0

When could Man City equalize and break the record?

Fascinatingly, Man City could start the run and equal the Premier League record for consecutive wins against bitter rivals Manchester United.

Their current run began in November against United with a 2-0 victory thanks to an own goal from Eric Bailly and a goal from Bernardo Silva just before half-time. If City go into March with their winning streak intact, the Citizens could secure victory number 18 against United at the Etihad.

The opportunity to break the record would potentially come in the next Premier Leauge game the following weekend against Crystal Palace.

Here’s a look at Man City’s remaining schedule to the point where they could break the record:

Possible win # Date Adversary Far from home
13 January 22, 2022 Southampton TO
14 February 9, 2022 Brentford H
fifteen February 12, 2022 City of Norwich TO
sixteen February 19, 2022 tottenham H
17 February 26, 2022 Everton TO
18 (tiing record) March 5, 2022 United H
19 (record record) March 12, 2022 crystal Palace TO