Manchester United urged to sign Aleksandar Mitrovic

Manchester United are being pushed to sign Fulham striker Alexander Mitrovic.

Weghorst signed for Manchester United on loan from Burnley in the summer transfer window and was pretty underwhelmed just to see his contribution on paper. However, what Weghorst lacks in goalscoring ability, they make up for in other divisions.

Weghorst could be demoted to No. 10 this season, and his immense pressing ability makes it difficult for opposing teams.

Manchester United are considering signing Weghorst on a permanent deal as they may be looking for a full forward to help push for the Premier League title despite his contributions to the side. It is possible that you have not.

Mitrovic in action for Fulham

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Former Premier League manager Tim Sherwood is now pushing Manchester United to sign Fulham striker Alexander Mitrovic, who has stepped up from Weghorst.

“He’s a step up from him. If Wegor can play for Manchester United, so can Mitrovic,” Sherwood said on the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast.

Mitrovic has been impressive for Fulham in the Premier League this season, but as mentioned above, you can imagine Manchester United wanting an elite-level forward if they want to push rivals Man City and Arsenal to the top. right. table.