Match report: Nottingham Forest u18s 4-0 Manchester United u18s – Man United News And Transfer News


Manchester United’s u18s traveled to Warren Joyce’s Nottingham Forest on Saturday morning for a rematch of last season’s FA Youth Cup Final.

United’s right flank delivered a series of dangerous crosses early on, but Forest’s centre-back was determined to clear it.

On the stroke of the 10 minute mark, Eli Harrison was caught by the ball trying to play from behind and Benjamin Perry slipped past the scramble keeper to give Forest the lead.

In the second half, Ethan Williams deftly fended off a defender and fired a shot, but the keeper held on.

Forest nearly doubled their lead just before the break but had a nice save from Harrison.

Two minutes into the second half, Jadan Camason tried to shepherd the ball for a goal kick, but Danny Anisco stole it and was knocked down by a young defender, earning a penalty. Forrest captain Kyle McAdam stepped up and slotted into the top left corner.

In the 61st minute, Forest rushed through midfield, a perfect 1-inch pass slipping into Anisco and delicately chipping a momentum Harrison to make it 3–0.

A minute later, a long ball run over the top by Conor Brown allowed United to escape with a yellow card as the referee ruled after the Forest striker was able to knock the ball past Harrison. was taken out by the keeper of the goal.It was too far from the goal.

Forest added a fourth in the 78th inning from another mistake played from behind. Harrison made a loose pass towards James Nolan, intercepted by Forrest, and Christian Clark passed Harrison.

United had a chance of consolation in second half injury time as Nolan got stuck in the top of his boot when he shot inside the box to win a penalty.

Nolan chose to take the shot himself, but United’s bad day was made worse as his strike into the bottom left corner was saved by the keeper.

A few seconds later the whistle blew and the match ended 4–0, United’s first defeat in the league since mid-September and a third-place finish.

United: Harrison, Camason, Munroe (Mantat 57), Jackson, Kingdon, Nolan, Berry, Ibragimov (Bailey 88), Scanlon, Williams, Musa

Unused subs: Miles, Armor