Meola calls out US Soccer for wasting time in search for coach

Former US goalkeeper Tony Meola, who also worked on the MLS season pass development at Apple, didn’t hesitate when discussing the delayed search for coaching from US soccer.

In an interview with Borabip, Tony Meola criticized the lack of planning and direction he called the most important five years in the federation’s history.

“Here he is, here he is,” said Meora. “We have to get it right, and we’re wasting time right now.”

By wasting time, Meora points to the USMNT and US Soccer’s lack of a head coach, general manager or sports director. Brian McBride and Ernie Stewart left the federation in early 2023, but former coach Greg Berhalter remains under investigation by US Soccer.

Meola says it could take more than nine months for the talented team to really show their direction as they reach the knockout stages of the 2022 World Cup. Still, unlike other teams, he has time to adapt to his position in the national team.

“If he doesn’t have a coach scouting the players he wants, he’s probably going to lose about nine months,” Meola said. It will take at least five to four months, which is why I think our saving grace is that we already qualify.

“Overall, it’s not a great place to be out there. They can sell me with a blank slate as they please. We don’t have a national team coach.”

Meora says US football should probably hire domestically

The former USMNT goalie remembered his days in US soccer after playing. It prompted him to think that US Soccer had to change its policy for many reasons.

One of them is the fact that US Soccer requires the head coach to live in Chicago and be near the federation’s headquarters.

“When we ask people to move to the city to do this job, we eliminate 95% of the candidates,” added Meola. “Coaches don’t want to sit in a room and talk. They want to scout players, watch live games, attend camps.

“US Soccer is so reluctant to change anything that it makes no sense to me.”

One of the reasons US Soccer stands out is that the way it operates is different from many other international jobs.

“In my opinion [US Soccer is] need to go inside [MLS] At the very least, that person understands the mindset of how things are done here,” Meora said.

Therefore, Meora recommended names such as Jim Curtin, Peter Burmes, or former USMNT head coach Tub Ramos, who is apparently a friend of Meora’s. We invited the players to ask questions and reassure the young talent about their World Cup experiences.

Meora has also been hesitant to go after other rumored names such as Marcelo Bielsa, Jose Mourinho and even Jesse Marsh. does not fit the theme.

play a coaching role

US soccer president Cindy Parlow Cohn said the first step would be to hire a sports director. That person will help him oversee the USMNT recruitment process. However, she estimates the role of sports director could be vacant until this summer’s Women’s World Cup.

Other countries without head coaches after the World Cup, namely Portugal, Belgium and Mexico, have already filled vacancies. The USMNT could be the last convention with many major conventions in the near future.

Photo: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire