Mikel Arteta confirms extent of Arsenal star’s injury and when we can expect him to return

Mikel Arteta has spoken out about Tomas Parthi’s injury ahead of lunchtime kick-off with Aston Villa.

Arsenal fans are desperate for the Ghanaian to take on Aston Villa this weekend, with the party missing out on Arsenal’s crucial top-of-the-table clash with Manchester City on Wednesday night. .

Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, Party was not named in the squad when they were released on Saturday morning, and shortly after Arteta spoke to the press about the extent of Party’s injury.

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Arsenal move to Leicester City next weekend, but if Arteta believes Parti needs another week, we can see him resting until Arsenal host Everton in a few days.

Either way, as we saw Wednesday night, the party is a big miss for Arsenal.

Jorginho stepped in to replace the party on Wednesday night and did the same against Aston Villa on Saturday, although the former has not provided the same defence.

Jorginho is very good in possession but defensively lacking. Arsenal dominated possession against Manchester City on Wednesday, marking their highest possession percentage since Pep Guardiola took charge of Manchester City.