MLS Season Pass commentator pairings for start of 2023 season

MLS and Apple have announced a pairing of debut commentators for the start of the 2023 MLS season. Starting February 25th, the MLS Season Pass marks the beginning of a new era for the league.

In total, over 80 names have been adopted. This includes a mix of broadcast commentary in English, Spanish and French. Each of these languages ​​also has a studio crew that provides pre- and post-match coverage for each game.

The commentator pairings for the 2023 season below are for the start of the season only. In other words, the pairs are not fixed. They are flexible and the links within them may change while the list of names is established.

That said, the pairing is something to look forward to ahead of the season.

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MLS Season Pass Commentator Combinations

Many of the names listed have World Cup, MLS, Premier League, or other world-class experience.

English commentator pairing

Play-by-playAnalystJake ZivinTaylor TwellmanKevin CostiganMaurice EduKevin EganKyndra de St. AubinSteve CangialosiDanny HigginbothamEric KrakauerLloyd SamJenn Hildreth or Chris WittynghamLori LindseyBlake PricePaul DolanMax BretosBrian DunsethMark Followill or Chris WittynghamDanielle SlatonAndres CorderoJamie WatsonCallum WilliamsCalen CarrTyler TerensDevon KerrTony HusbandRoss SmithMark RogondinoHeath PearceEd CohenGreg SuttonAdrian HealeyCobi Jones

There are also regular names that do not appear in pairings. Commentator Nate Bucati and analysts Tony Meola and Warren Burton are regulars on his pass this MLS season.

Spanish commentator pairing

Commentary AnalystPablo RamirezCarlos RuizJorge Perez NavarroMarcelo BarboaJuan ArangoCarlos SuarezSergio RuizMiguel GallardoMoises LinaresJaime MaciasBruno VainAndres Agrajosé HernándezEduardo VizcayaTramses Sand ValWalter RoqueroDolfo LanderosMartin Zunigaraul GuzmanAdrun

Francisco X. Rivera, Pablo Marinho and Maximiliano Cordaro are also available as regular match analysts. Tony Cerchi and Stefano Fusaro, who are officially listed as studio talents on the Spanish side, can also work as live broadcast commentators and analysts respectively.

French commentator pairing

Play-by-play Analyst Frédéric Lord Vincent Detachs Matthew Cullen Sebastien Le Thou Olivier Brett Patrice Vernier

Analyst Matthias Van Halst is also a full-time member of the team.

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