NFL playoff clinching scenarios for 49ers, Colts, Steelers & more in Week 18

We have just one more week to figure out the 2022 NFL playoff landscape, and there is still a lot to decide.

The AFC has been in a jam all year, and will come to a head in Week 18. There are five teams still competing for the two remaining playoff spots on that side of the group, such as the Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens. and Steelers. everyone has a chance to get it. Whether it’s the Chargers or the Raiders, who are meeting in Week 18, they plan to come in while the Colts have the inside track to the other place.

Additionally, four teams have a shot at the No. 1 seed in the AFC (the Titans likely will win, but they won’t rule out the others), while the winner of the AFC East will also have to be decided this week. Therefore, there will be many potential changes to the AFC.

The same cannot be said for NFC. The NFC West is still up for grabs, as is a wild-card spot, but that’s it. The final wild card will come down to the 49ers and Saints, while the Cardinals will look to catch up with the Rams in their divisional career. With that said, both of them have already made the playoffs, so they’re not looking for a win-and-go scenario or anything like that.

There will be a lot of drama and potential chaos during the final week of the 2021 NFL regular season. Here are all of the NFL playoff qualifying scenarios for teams that can be guaranteed a postseason spot in Week 18. And also , a comprehensive look at the NFL playoff picture.

Scenarios that ensure the NFL playoffs for week 17

Tennessee Titans (11-5)

: in jeans

Tennessee insures itself with:

  1. Titans win O
  2. Titans tie AND Chiefs lose or tie OR
  3. Loss of the Chiefs AND loss or draw of the Bengals AND loss or draw of the Patriots OR
  4. Chiefs lose AND Bengals lose or tie AND Bills win

Kansas City Chiefs (11-5)

: in the Broncos

Chiefs win with:

  1. Chiefs win and Titans lose or draw OR
  2. Chiefs tie and Titans defeat

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

: in brown

Cincinnati wins with:

  1. Bengals win AND Titans lose AND Chiefs lose AND Patriots lose or draw OR
  2. Bengals win AND Titans lose AND Chiefs lose AND Bills win

Buffalo bills (10-6)

Remaining game: against Jets

Buffalo is riveted with:

  1. Invoices earn OR
  2. Loss of the Patriots O
  3. Bills tie and Patriots tie

New England Patriots (10-6)

: in the dolphins

New England insures itself with:

  1. Patriots win AND Bills lose or tie AND Chiefs lose AND Titans lose

New England insures itself with:

  1. Patriots win AND Bills lose or draw OR
  2. Patriots tie AND Bills lose

Indianapolis Colts (9-7)

: in Jaguares

Indianapolis achieves a with:

  1. Foals win or draw OR
  2. Chargers loss AND Ravens / Steelers tie OR
  3. The Chargers lose AND the Steelers lose AND the Dolphins win

Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

: on Raiders

Los Angeles achieves a with:

  1. Chargers win or draw

Las Vegas Raiders (9-7)

: against chargers

Las Vegas wins with:

  1. Raiders win OR
  2. Raiders tie AND Colts lose OR
  3. Colts loss AND Steelers loss or draw

: in the crows

Pittsburgh achieves a with:

  1. Steelers win AND Colts lose AND Raiders / Chargers don’t end in a draw

Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

: against the Steelers

Baltimore achieves one with:

  1. Ravens win AND Chargers lose AND Colts lose AND Dolphins lose or draw

Los Angeles Rams (12-4)

: against the 49ers

Los Angeles is made with:

  1. Rams win or tie OR
  2. Cardinals defeat or draw

Arizona Cardinals (11-5)

: against Seahawks

Arizona insures itself with:

  1. Cardinals with loss of Y Rams

San Francisco 49ers (9-7)

: in rams

San Francisco wins with:

  1. 49ers win or draw OR
  2. Santos defeat or draw

New Orleans Saints (8-8)

: in Falcons

New Orleans wins with:

  1. Saints win and 49ers lose

Image of the 2021 NFL playoffs

Here’s how the rankings in both conferences break down as we enter Week 15, along with the other teams still in pursuit of the playoffs.

Seed Team Record closed
one. tennessee titans 11-5 Yes. (AFC South Champions.)
two. Kansas City Chiefs 11-5 Yes. (AFC West Champions).
3. Cincinnati Bengals 10-6 Yes. (AFC North Champions.)
Four. buffalo bills 10-6 Yes. (Playoff location).
5. New England Patriots 10-6 Yes. (Playoff location).
6. Indianapolis Colts 9-7 N / A
7. Los Angeles Chargers 9-7 N / A

: Las Vegas Raiders (9-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1), Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

Seed Team Record closed
one. Green Bay Packers 12-3 Yes. (NFC North Champions.)
two. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 Yes. (Playoff location).
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-4 Yes. (NFC South Champions.)
Four. Dallas Cowboys 11-5 Yes. (NFC East Champions.)
5. arizona cardinals 11-5 Yes. (Playoff location).
6. San Francisco 49ers 9-7 N / A
7. Philadelphia Eagles 9-7 Yes. (Playoff location).

: New Orleans Saints (8-8)