NFL playoff picture: Projecting the seeds & matchups for AFC, NFC brackets for Week 18

For the first time in NFL history: Week 18.

There are a few more changes that could take place this weekend, but the NFL should be happy with the way the extended season played out: Heading into the final weekend of the regular season, there are still several open spots in the playoffs in the AFC and one in the NFC, with divisional matches

There are a few win-and-go scenarios in the AFC – the Chargers and Raiders, however, are in the only winner-take-all game in the league on Sunday night. Elsewhere, the 49ers have to defeat a division rival to have a shot at playoff contention.

Here’s what the playoffs image looks like entering Week 18:

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NFL Playoffs Image: AFC Projections

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  • ToNo. 1 seed: Tennessee Titans (11-5)

Remaining games: in jeans

The Titans just have to beat the lowly Texans in Week 18 to secure the No. 1 seed in the conference. That’s a tremendous coaching job from Mike Vrabel, who had to help his team overcome the injuries of Derrick Henry, AJ Brown and Julio Jones during the season.

  • No. 2 seed: Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

Remaining games: in the broncos

The Chiefs can regain the No. 1 seed with a win and a loss from the Titans. If not, they will settle in the seeding No. 2 of the conference. Their eight-game winning streak came to an end at the hands of the Bengals and Ja’Marr Chase, but they still scored 31 points in the effort.

  • No. 3 seed: Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

Game remaining: at Browns

The Bengals gave the Chiefs a big L courtesy of the Joe Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase connection. Chase put on a historic performance against KC’s defense, posting 266 yards and three touchdowns on 11 receptions, an effort that helped the Bengals take over the AFC North. That’s Cincy’s first since 2015.

  • No. 4 seed: Buffalo Bills (10-6)

Remaining games: against airplanes

The Bills have a chance to lock in the AFC East with a win over the Jets on Sunday. They should take care of business, even if New York had an admirable performance against the Buccaneers in Week 17.

  • No. 5 seed: New England Patriots (10-6)

Remaining games: in dolphins

It’s a little hard to believe the Patriots still have an outside chance to win the No. 1 seed on Sunday, although they are going to need some help. Mac Jones and the Pats crushed the Jaguars in Week 17, so they’re still feeling good going into the season finale.

  • No. 6 seed: Indianapolis Colts (9-7)

Remaining games: against jaguars

The formula is simple: Win and enter for the Colts. They also have something of an easy road, playing humble Jaguars on the road. The Jaguars, with the No. 1 overall pick up for grabs, have absolutely nothing to play for.

  • No. 7 seed: Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

ToRemaining games: in the assailants

The Chargers’ up and down season comes down to one more game, and all they need to do is, well, win or draw. It can be a daunting task – they’re .500 from their week-7 goodbye week. That’s no guarantee.

Image of the NFL playoffs: NFC projections

(Fake images)

  • No. 1 seed: Green Bay Packers (13-3)

Remaining games: in lions

The Packers clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC, earning home advantage and a first-round goodbye. This game could mean more to the Lions, who are “playing” for the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

  • No. 2 seed: Los Angeles Rams (12-4)

Remaining games: against the 49ers

The Rams overcame an uneven start by Matthew Stafford to defeat the Ravens in Week 17. Now 12-4, the NFC West is still on the table for LA heading into the final game of the season.

  • No. 3 seed: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4)

Remaining games: against panthers

The Buccaneers were pushed to the limit against the Jets in Week 17, but Tom Brady had a classic Tom Brady drive to beat his old foe at the end. The Bucs have the division locked up.

  • No. 4 seed: Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

Remaining games: in eagles

The Cowboys were on the commercial end of a botched fumble at the end of their meeting against the Cardinals in Week 17. That’s a tough pill for the Cowboys to swallow, but Mike McCarthy’s misuse of time-out made his mark again. ugly head. Dallas would like to avoid that when they do the dance.

  • No. 5 seed: Arizona Cardinals (11-5)

Remaining games: against sea hawks

A big win on the road against the Cowboys kept the Cardinals in hot pursuit of the NFC West. It will take a win and a loss from the Rams to capture a division crown that seemed to be guaranteed for the Valley of the Sun earlier in the season.

  • No. 6 seed: San Francisco 49ers (9-7)

Remaining games: in rams

A massive Week 18 game awaits the 49ers: They play the Rams, which could work to their advantage. The 49ers haven’t lost to the Rams since 2018. Trey Lance (or Jimmy Garoppolo) has a lot of work ahead of him.

  • No. 7 seed: Philadelphia Eagles (9-8)

Remaining games: against cowboys

What a strange season this has been for Nick Sirianni and the Eagles, Part 17. The Eagles are already in the playoffs, which is something of a miracle given the

Current image of the NFL playoffs

Here’s how the rankings in both conferences break down as we enter Week 15, along with the other teams still in pursuit of the playoffs.

Seed Team Record closed
one. tennessee titans 11-5 Yes. (AFC South Champions.)
two. Kansas City Chiefs 12-5 Yes. (AFC West Champions).
3. Cincinnati Bengals 10-6 Yes. (AFC North Champions.)
Four. buffalo bills 10-6 Yes. (Playoff location).
5. New England Patriots 10-6 Yes. (Playoff location).
6. Indianapolis Colts 9-7 N / A
7. Los Angeles Chargers 9-7 N / A

: Las Vegas Raiders (9-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1), Baltimore Ravens (8-8)

Seed Team Record closed
one. Green Bay Packers 12-3 Yes. (NFC North Champions.)
two. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 Yes. (Playoff location).
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-4 Yes. (NFC South Champions.)
Four. Dallas Cowboys 11-5 Yes. (NFC East Champions.)
5. arizona cardinals 11-5 Yes. (Playoff location).
6. San Francisco 49ers 9-7 N / A
7. Philadelphia Eagles 9-8 Yes. (Playoff location).

: New Orleans Saints (8-8)