No conspiracy here: Why Rams-Buccaneers finish was different from the final play of Cowboys-49ers wild-card game

Cowboys fans have come out of their offseason hibernation to roast referees again.

People may remember the fateful 49ers-Cowboys finale that was riddled with umpire drama: An umpire, late to the play, had to spot the ball for Dallas, which could cost Dallas precious seconds before the end of the game and , subsequently the season finale for the ‘Boys.

Former NFL officiating chiefs Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino said the mechanics of the game could have been handled much differently and better together, but the procedure was followed accordingly.

Fast-forward to Sunday’s game, and Cowboys fans are making a fuss about umpiring again, this time with the Rams-Buccaneers ending — some pointing to Matthew Stafford’s pass to Cooper Kupp as a reason why the rules were not applied correctly.

Stafford hit Kupp with the clock ticking, and an umpire spotted the ball before Matthew Stafford dunked the ball. However, it is one of the lateral judges who touches the ball, not the referee, who was far behind the play.

Since the umpire didn’t touch the ball, which was a point of emphasis last week, the ending became an apparent sore point for Cowboys fans now:

However, this is a comparison of irons from apples to tires. The words “umpire” are not mentioned in the NFL rule book, just stating that an official has to see or touch the ball. no the referee The NFL rule book (Rule 3, Section 2, Article 2) says the following:

A dead ball is ready for play while the 40-second play clock is running when an official places the ball where it will next be put into play, or when the official signals the 25-second play clock. to start.

In fact, Blandino got involved once again, saying that while spotting the ball is the referee’s primary responsibility, the back judge will spot the ball if he’s in a better position on a deep pass.

It wasn’t a deep pass, more like a quarterback draw, that doomed the Cowboys last week.

So no, Cowboys fans. Everything in the Rams game was handled well and Dallas still lost.

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