No, Kodak Black wasn’t having sex during the Canucks vs. Panthers game

Should the NHL have given Kodak Black a significant five-minute penalty for harpooning?

The 24-year-old rapper attended Tuesday night’s game between the Canucks and Panthers, which isn’t surprising considering he’s a native of Pompano Beach, Florida. Kodak Black (legal name Bill Kapri) watched part of the game with a woman from her courtside seats, and they were spotted multiple times at the FLA Live Arena Jumbotron.

Kodak Black and the woman finally made their way to a suite, and that’s when things got, uh, interesting. While the Panthers were busy dominating the Canucks, the pair appeared to be engaging in their own physical activity. A video posted by a fan sitting on the opposite side of the arena led some Twitter users to believe that Kodak Black was having sex with the woman during a live NHL game.

However, the theory was quickly debunked after Bally Sports reporter Katie Gaus revealed that it was “just twerking.” The Sunrise Police Department later confirmed that Kodak Black did not perform any illegal acts. He was just “being young and having fun” with the woman, by WPLG Local 10 in Miami.

Kodak Black also posted a video showing that both he and the woman were fully clothed as they danced together in the suite.

The Panthers and NHL promoted Kodak Black’s presence during the game, but apparently avoided mentioning him on social media after the video went viral. ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski contacted both the Panthers and the league to comment on the incident, but had not heard from him as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Panthers won 5-2, their sixth win in their last seven games. Fortunately for everyone, all scoring and stick handling took place on ice.