“No motivation to go to train” Spanish source makes bold Spurs player claim

According to sources close to the player, Brian Gill is currently living in nightmare England. What started as a dream for the young winger from Cádiz turned into an unacceptable situation for him, both in football and personally. And Tottenham seem to have ignored it.

Bryan hardly plays, but he doesn’t approve loans either. It is also claimed that even after signing Danjuma, Spurs will not approve the Spaniard’s departure from the N17s, whether through loan or sale. As a result, the football player becomes frustrated. Relevo is in touch with the people who are said to be closest to the footballer.

“It’s not good in England. He’s not motivated to go to training, he’s not happy and I don’t understand why they don’t let him out. It doesn’t matter what options he leaves. [THFC] I prefer to keep him without playing. He’s got to leave, so it’s looming. Tottenham don’t care if Bryan is in a bad mood. The situation has gotten to the point where the man from Cádiz doesn’t care where he goes, he just wants to get away. ”

This week, the player changed the look of his Instagram account, removing all references to Spurs and replacing his avatar in a Spurs shirt with an image of himself playing for Spain. There was found.

The boy is clearly too light for this division, so at least having the boy on loan is certainly a smart thing to do. Instead, you may be hedging your bets.

Either way, with recent reports that Jed Spence isn’t pulling trees in training, it seems that Hotspur Way isn’t as magical as some believed.