Phil Neville speaks out on Manchester United takeover – Man United News And Transfer News


Phil Neville has spoken out about the ongoing takeover of Manchester United.

In an interview with The Athletic, Neville told fans that he’s in favor of Glazers leaving the club, but should be wary of the next owner.

The former United player expressed particular concern about foreign investment, saying it was far removed from the club’s culture.

“What happens with foreign investment is that they are not from this region, so they don’t understand what they need culturally. And culture is the most important thing,” he said. Said.

Neville says the new owners must stick to what made United great in the past and respect the club’s history if they want to succeed.

“Fundamentally, we have to keep what is great about Manchester United. The history of Manchester United is the most important thing for that football club. If you ignore history, you will never succeed,” he said.

The coach of Inter Miami said whoever the new owner is has a huge undertaking, including a huge investment.

“Grounds need redevelopment, practice fields need redevelopment, club infrastructure needs big investments. And teams need investments. And that’s a big job for someone. he said.

Neville also praised the work Eric ten Hag is doing at Old Trafford, saying it has taken a lot of pressure off the owners regarding the sale of the club and has resulted in better results on the pitch.

“I feel like an identity is being formed. Erik ten Hug had to make some big decisions and he did it well. I think it took a lot of the pressure out of selling clubs out there,” he said.

With the club gearing up for the Carabao Cup final against Newcastle this weekend, Ten Hag will have the chance to deliver the club’s first silverware in six years.

Before that comes the second Europa League match against Barcelona at Old Trafford this Thursday.