Playoff FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS lineup advice for Cardinals-Rams Wild Card single-game tournaments

The Cardinals and Rams battle it out in a rematch of the AFC West in this Monday night playoff matchup, as two QBs selected in the No. 1 draft battle for their first career playoff win. Along with the two quarterbacks, we have highly productive RBs and volatile receivers on both sides. Our FanDuel single-game tournament lineup features the two most expensive (and chalkiest) picks, so we’ll have to take our chances elsewhere to achieve some differentiation for DFS tournaments.

Here are the key scoring adjustments for FanDuel single game contests: The point total for the “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but does not cost additional money like the “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. FanDuel’s default score is and , and there are no bonuses for 100/300 yard games like in DraftKings.

FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Cardinals vs. rams

Budget of $50,000, at least one player from each team is needed.

The Cardinals’ offense hasn’t been the same since DeAndre Hopkins (knee) injuries and running backs have slowed it down, but Murray still has four performances of 21+ FDs in his last eight games with a maximum of 30.82. His lead rivals any quarterback in the league, whether he’s putting up a great line of passing stats or rushing in for a touchdown or two. The Rams are the toughest defense against the QBs, but Murray finished with around 20 points in both meetings during the regular season.

We don’t need to sell you Kupp, but it’s worth noting that we’re playing him “naked” without Matthew Stafford. Would anyone be surprised if Kupp has another monster day but Stafford fumbles multiple times? That’s the idea here, and most people will play Kupp with Stafford, so if that works out, we’ll have a unique lineup.

Conner and Chase Edmonds (ribs, toes) are obviously competing to see who can get hurt more, but for now, Conner is the healthier of the two. He’s scored in double figures 11 times this season, and especially if Edmonds is limited, Conner has plenty of opportunities to crush at this spot. It doesn’t depend as much on production reception, and since this is a half PPR score, we see it as “safer”.

We’re betting big on Skowronek as he only has a maximum of 6.3 FD points this season, but if he’s close to 10 fantasy points, he could pay off in this lineup with expensive stallions. He has to do enough to not go completely flat in a favorable matchup for WRs to be a viable play. Sometimes winning lineups are simply the result of unexpected opportunities due to injuries or other factors, so we’ll be signing up to take advantage of that opportunity.

Green has only averaged 5.6 FD points in his last three games, but he’s another player desperate for the first playoff win of his career, and we’ll roll the dice for a classic AJG performance. If Murray and the Cardinals’ offense is working, you’d think Green will be heavily involved.