Playoff FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS lineup advice for Rams-Buccaneers Divisional Round single-game tournaments

Of all the single-game lineups we put together for the second round of the playoffs, this FanDuel Rams-Buccaneers lineup is the riskiest. We’re fading the Rams’ passing game into a highly favorable matchup, instead focusing on the Bucs’ passing offense and a Rams RB. This is the kind of lineup you only play in a low-cost tournament just to see if a set of opposing teams can do well.

Here are the key scoring adjustments for FanDuel single game contests: The point total for the “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but does not cost additional money like the “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. FanDuel’s default score is and , and there are no bonuses for 100/300 yard games like in DraftKings.

FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Rams vs. Buccaneers

Budget of $50,000, at least one player from each team is needed.

Brady always seems to find a way into the playoffs, and while Tampa is a couple of key receivers short, it still has enough weapons for Brady to boost the stats. Last week, he had 271 yards and a pair of touchdowns, and in a more competitive game, he should be in line for even more. We’re worried that Los Angeles’ pass rush will give him trouble, but we can take a turnover or two.

Gronk is Brady’s most reliable target, especially in a game where All-World cornerback Jalen Ramsey is expected to be frequently locked in with Mike Evans. Gronk is a solid MVP pick, but we’ll take him as a flex in case he doesn’t catch a TD.

Akers led the Rams in rushing attempts last week, but we expect him to still be a bit of an owner because of Tampa’s dominant run defense. We’re okay taking a contrary pick because of Akers’ involvement in the receiving game and the likely scenario where LA tries to force their running game early. Akers is as “fresh” as anyone in the playoffs, so if he can break a big run or two, he’ll pay for this pick.

Even if the Rams have a decent amount of defensive success against Tampa, they won’t completely shut down their offense. Succop should see multiple FG attempts unless Brady has a big game (which will also be great for us), so we’ll take a chance on his “safe” floor at a reasonable price.

Johnson served as Tampa’s No. 2 wide receiver last week, playing 77 percent of the snaps. He’s likely to see an increase in targets this week given the matchup, so hopefully he and Brady can connect on at least one big play.