Premier League broadcaster BT Sport renamed TNT Sports

UK pay-TV channel BT Sport will be rebranded to TNT Sports this summer. Broadcasting the English Premier League and Champions League, the channel is part of the Warner Bros. Discovery family. The same applies to TNT, hence the name change.

SportPro’s Steve McCaskill says bundling BT Sport with TNT brings consistency to the media conglomerate. TNT broadcasts the state side of USMNT and USWNT. We also cover the NHL and NBA. Internationally, the same name now broadcasts more football in the form of the Premier League and UEFA Champions League (but only in the UK, not the US).

Discovery+ will broadcast the Premier League live

As a result of this joint venture, BT Sports’ live sports service will be distributed on streaming platform Discovery+ before the 2023/24 campaign kicks off. Andrew Georgiou, president and managing director of WBD Sports Europe, called the merger with Discovery+ a “simpler proposition” for customers.

The joint venture also includes Eurosport, a group of channels that broadcast some football leagues. However, Eurosport’s main attraction is the fact that it broadcasts the Olympics in most European countries.

Eurosport is shown on Discovery+ and TV in select countries and will not join the TNT sports nomenclature until after the 2024 Paris Olympics. The official timing of Eurosport’s rebranding will also need to be discussed with Sky and Virgin Media. These two providers include the Eurosport channel in their list.

Moving from BT Sport to TNT Sports is just a rebranding of the same content

Warner Bros. Discovery and BT Sport guarantee that nothing will change. The channel number, production content and overall offering are the same. In fact, BT Sport has extended his contract to broadcast his UEFA club’s competitions in the UK until 2027.

We plan to continue broadcasting the Premier League on Sky and Amazon when the league resumes its update process. However, DAZN and Apple are rumored to be interested in acquiring the rights to the domestic Premier League.

Photo: IMAGO / Sportimage