Pundit believes Virgil van Dijk is now the ‘problem’ at Liverpool

Richard Dunne thinks Virgil van Dijk is a ‘real problem’ in Liverpool’s defense this season, and has Jürgen Klopp build a backline around Ibou Konate instead of the Dutchman I urged you to

The former Southampton central defender returned to the starting line-up after a hamstring injury in the Reds’ 2-0 defeat to Newcastle last week, and also in Tuesday night’s Champions League defeat to Real Madrid 5-2. I kept my spot on the team. .

Liverpool’s defensive performances this season have seen Jürgen Klopp’s backline far from comfortable for much of the campaign, and Dunn has been one of our favorites since suffering a serious knee injury in 2020. It suggests that jersey number 4 is not the same player. .

“Everyone is looking at Liverpool defensively. [Joel] Matip, Gomez and Van Dijk need partners,” the Irishman said Wednesday night in Virgin Media’s Champions League coverage (via Pandit Arena).

“But the real problem is probably Van Dyke.

“I always see him reaching out and saying someone else could have done better, but when he stops intercepting, or steals the ball at the halfway line, or makes a last-minute tackle. , his defense is just passivity.

“He’s one of those players who will eventually recover and get back in shape, but there have been several seasons where there’s been no real sign that things are changing, and it’s been a strange time for him. sometimes intervenes and wins. Ball back.”

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Since moving to Anfield in 2018, the Dutch captain has become recognized as one of the best defenders in the world.

He has won every major trophy possible for Merseyside and owes much of his recent success to the Dutchman.

There’s no denying he’s lost a bit of his edge since Jordan Pickford’s terrifying tackle in 2020, but we still believe he remains the best defender at the club.

Konate has been a quality player since joining from RB Leipzig in the summer of 2021, and according to Dunn, he should now be a mainstay in Klopp’s defense.

“he [Van Dijk] Transforming his overall style of defense into something of a coordinator, leading people in the direction he thinks they should go instead of actually making those tackles, being a big, strong center half, get stuck in things

“He seems very reluctant. Konate is someone who can do that, maybe he’s the person they’re lacking and they need to build their defenses around Konate and not Van Dijk.

The 4th and 5th are at their best when they are in the center of the defense, but injuries have limited their playing time together this season.

However, as he continues to recover from a hamstring injury, the Frenchman, who returned to training yesterday, hopes to play together again in the near future.

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