Raiders, Derek Carr ridiculed for first-and-goal spike in wild-card playoff loss to Bengals

Derek Carr may want a spiked drink after this debacle.

Carr and the Raiders were driving to tie or win the game against the Bengals late in the fourth quarter on Saturday, and they were within striking distance: After clutch pitches to Darren Waller and Zay Jones, Carr and the Raiders were ready with a first chance. y-goal from the Bengals 9-yard line.

Something strange happened on that first down: Instead of shooting into the end zone, Carr spiked the ball, stopping the clock but, more importantly, costing the Raiders one try and a six-point chance.

Although the clock was ticking, it certainly would have made sense to give the offense as many chances in the end zone as possible. If the pass is incomplete, the clock stops and the team loses seven or eight seconds.

For what it’s worth, former Saints quarterback and current NBC color commentator Drew Brees said he would have considered hitting the ball as well. Brees’ reasoning: Make sure the offense is lined up the way it would attack the end zone in the final three plays of the game.

Spike or not, it was all for naught: After a couple of misses, Carr threw a game-ending interception on fourth down and gave the Bengals their first playoff victory in more than three decades, 26-19. in Cincinnati.

Carr’s decision to spike the ball was met with heavy criticism from viewers:

Bengals advance to divisional round; They wait for their opponent. The Raiders advance to their nearest golf courses.