Rams, All-Pro LB Bobby Wagner Agree To Part Ways

NFL teams began moving offseason rosters less than two weeks after the Super Bowl, with Bobby Wagner, one of the league’s top linebackers for the past decade, entering the open market this spring. increase.

Wagner and the Los Angeles Rams agreed to part ways on Thursday, according to reports. The team is in cost-cutting mode, with the current cap nearly $14 million above his cap, and Wagner’s departure will save him at least a little cash. His dead cap hit will be his $7.5 million and the team will only save him $1.5 million. That number could jump to his $8 million if you specify him as a release after June 1st.

Rams part ways with All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner

Some teams are lucky enough to have him on their roster. He recorded 6 sacks, 140 tackles and 2 interceptions. For his achievements, he earned Second Team All-Pro honors, his ninth straight year being named to the All-Pro team. Professional football’s focus rated Wagner as his top linebacker in the NFL last season.

Where will Wagner end up? Many teams ended up bidding for his services and he’s already a Super Bowl champion so there’s no need to chase the ring. Who’s willing to pony up the cash? His last contract was expected to pay about $10 million per season, but that figure was surpassed by the man in his early 30s. But given his performance this season and his career as a whole, there could be an All-Pro linebacker bidding war.

Wagner has spent his entire career in NFC West. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in his 2012 season and has been part of a historically dominant defense, leading the team to back-to-back Super Bowls, earning his NFL debut in tackles in both 2016 and 2019. led the

He quickly became one of the best free-agent linebackers available in the offseason, joining the likes of Labonte David and Tremaine Edmonds. The latter is younger and the team is likely to get more new players than those in his 30s, but Bobby believes Wagner will sign his one-year or two-year deal and will be more than a free player in 2023. Don’t be surprised if the annual average goes up. agent’s counterpart.