Real shocks Liverpool, Napoli dominates in Champions League

Tuesday’s Champions League round of 16 first leg was full of fireworks. In one match, last season’s Europa League winners, Eintracht Frankfurt, faced Europe’s best form. In his other event, UEFA offered fans a rematch of his league final between Real Madrid and Liverpool last season’s Champions League.

The drama was unparalleled. At Anfield, Liverpool took the lead by two points within his hour of his first fifteen minutes. However, a miraculously vicious comeback allowed the visitors to return to Spain with a combined score advantage.

Real Madrid certainly made it a habit a season ago. He made dramatic comebacks in each knockout stage before defeating Liverpool in the final, which he didn’t need 90 minutes of prayer for. Instead, it leveled off at halftime and was separated by the end of the game.

Real Madrid emerged from a fainted Anfield

But in the first 15 minutes, Liverpool were back at their best. Darwin Nunez scored with a flick between his legs. Thibaut Courtois scored the goals for the hosts and Mohamed Salah. But Real Madrid matched Liverpool’s brilliance and brute force. Vinicius Júnior has scored a staggering score of his own. Then, with 35 minutes of play, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson attempted to clear the Brazilian.

The second half is all Real Madrid. Eder Militao put Los Angeles ahead with a header on a set piece. Karim Benzema then got a shot off Joe Gomez and got past Alisson. In no time, he was 4-2 and a mountain that seemed insurmountable for the Reds. Karim Benzema made it five with a counter-attack.

Jürgen Klopp has another patented Liverpool comeback that has to climb that mountain in a matter of weeks.

Napoli maintain their unbeatable form to match Real Madrid’s display.

Other matches showed why Napoli shine a light on Serie A and are doing the same in the UEFA Champions League. Despite Kvicha Kvaratskhelia missing a penalty in the first half, his forward his partner Victor Osimhen made the difference. The Nigerian striker continued to net the ball with his 10th goal in his last nine games in all competitions.

The second half was not as dominant as Real Madrid, but it served its purpose for the Italian. A second goal for some security arrived from Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Eintracht then received a red card for Randall Colo his Muani, one of Frankfurt’s top talents. Kolomuani is Frankfurt’s top scorer this season, but Diego He Armando He Maradona will miss the second leg at his stadium.

That match in Napoli and the second match between Real Madrid and Liverpool are on March 15th.

Photo: IMAGO / professional sports images