Reliable journalist drops ‘breaking’ Jude Bellingham transfer update

Jude Bellingham must have been watching the mismatch between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the Champions League yesterday.

Still, the verdict remains that it’s too early to declare which direction Birmingham City’s prospects will favor heading into the summer. Especially after declaring that you have not yet received an offer from a child prodigy.

The Merseysiders will reportedly receive some backing in the summer window, which principal owner John Henry confirmed despite FSG’s withdrawal of plans to sell the club.

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But whether the 19-year-old is willing to join a clearly declining team is another matter entirely.

It’s worth emphasizing that while the sample size was small, the first 20 minutes, which shone with newcomers to the team, showed some serious promise.

The emergence of Stefan Bithetic underscores that the middle of the park could still be very much saved if we brought some real quality into the summer.

You should propose a long-term project rather than an immediate success. The latter would be Madrid’s approach, but given his emphasis on personal development, it may be a better fit for Bellingham and his family.

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