Super Bowl 2023: Jalen Hurts Breaks Record For Most QB Rushing Yards

Jalen Hurts has risen to the top of the NFL quarterback rankings as a dual threat under center and showed the world why with his performance in the 2023 Super Bowl.

The Hearts showed off their arm with on-target passes in the first half, opening the attack in the first half, and just as the Chiefs were starting to honor his throws, he attacked them with his feet. I chose to run when it broke. There were also runs designed to allow Hearts to enter the open field.

Jalen Hurts sets Super Bowl record for most rushing yards by a QB

Super Bowl 2023: Jalen Hurts breaks record for most QB rushing yards

He was a big reason for the team’s success in the first half of the game, and his performance helped give him enough time to break the Super Bowl record.

Not many running quarterbacks have led teams to Super Bowl appearances, and even fewer have won games on the back of their scrambling ability. It was Steve McNair who ran for 64 yards when the Titans faced the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV.

It hurts to keep records, but for how long?

It took ____ pain to break it. The big scramble came in the second quarter just after coughing up the ball that resulted in the Chiefs’ defensive touchdown. He put his problems behind him, the Eagles coaching staff instilled trust, they called his number and asked for a designed run to the left flank. A 28-yard scramper that ended in a touchdown set up gave Philadelphia a 21–14 lead midway through the second quarter. The touchdown was also a scramble by Hearts.

McNair’s streak has been going on for 23 years, which is somewhat surprising given the emergence of running quarterbacks in the NFL. But the Super Bowl has been dominated by players like Tom Brady, Payton and Eli Manning. They don’t exactly expect to use their feet to win football matches. It may not last very long.