Supporters announce ‘demonstration’ at Anfield regarding Paris final

Liverpool and Real Madrid will meet for the first time since last season’s Champions League final in Paris, with demonstrations expected during the match given recently released reports of the events that took place that night.

Spion Cop 1906 wrote on his Twitter account: .

This is the same group of fans who successfully organized the ‘Flag Day’ against Everton, and has gained popular support from the game-going Reds, who have been called upon to perform this show of support. indicates that

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It’s not yet clear when, where or what will take place, but it’s sure to make it clear for UEFA that supporters weren’t happy with the way they were treated on their major occasions.

We hope the presence of supporters from Spain will also help our cause, as many supporters who were in the French capital at the end of the last campaign are likely to be in Merseyside.

The competition and event organizers were lucky not to have serious repercussions from serious mishandling of the game. So we were given the opportunity to make our feelings known.

Let’s hope this is not only done the right way, but with the full support of those lucky enough to be in the game.

Tweets about the planned Paris demonstrations can be viewed via @SpionKop1906 on Twitter.

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