(Video) Liverpool fans will love how Nunez and Alexander-Arnold celebrated Newcastle opener

Darwin Nunez scored the first goal against Newcastle and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s perfect pass couldn’t be ignored.

After the ball was slammed into the back of the net, it was great when the cameras picked up the goalscorer, thanked the full-back for his assist, and pulled the 66th in the face.

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Clearly there is a language barrier between the two players, but the old adage “a game that appreciates a game” is clearly at work here.

Scouters on our team are famous for asking, “How can I help you?” When the Uruguayan comes to the club – this is clearly something the pair have been working on and let’s hope for more in the future.

You can watch the exchange between Nunez and Alexander-Arnold on YouTube (starting at 6:34) on Liverpool FC.

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