Week 15 Fantasy Defense Rankings

No position can be thought too much like D / ST, especially when all possible options are at our disposal. As always, matchups will dictate potential sleepers and streamers, but decisions to start, sit down will remain difficult in the first round of the fantasy football playoffs. Our Fantasy Defense Rankings from Week 15 are here to help you find your best options.

As always, some senior homeowner defenses have a tough match. Fighting Steelers (against Titans) continue to drop in property numbers, but if you stick with them Y somehow made the playoffs, now is the time to jump ship. The Panthers (@ Bills), Ravens (vs. Packers) and Saints (@ Buccaneers) are also virtually unfair this week (unless Josh Allen’s ankle injury prevents it against Carolina), although, to be fair, the Saints had one of their best fantasy days of the season against the Bucs the last time they played. However, this game is in Tampa, so we are not that optimistic.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | Kicker

The Rams (@ Seahawks), Chiefs (@ Chargers) and Broncos (against Bengals) are also in tough situations, but can still start depending on their other options. The Broncos tend to be better at home, and Joe Burrow throws a fair amount of interceptions, and we know the Rams have the talent to produce against anyone. The Chiefs are also as hot as any D / ST in the NFL right now, so there are plenty of reasons to please these teams despite their opponents. The Patriots (@ Colts) also have a tough matchup on paper, but we’re not worried about them against Carson Wentz, prone to making mistakes.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | Kicker

If you need / want a sleeper, the best matchups are for the Dolphins (vs. Jets), Eagles (vs. Washington), 49ers (vs. Falcons), Vikings (@ Bears), and Bengals (@ Broncos). With the exception of the Dolphins, none feel safe, but the numbers are at least in their favor. The Eagles were struggling before their goodbye, but maybe getting a little rest will help. The 49ers, Vikings and Bengals tend to give up big plays, so they’re more of the “boom-or-bust” variety. You can most likely find a safer option, but if you are a big loser and want to go all out on a high-ceiling team, then you can try your luck with San Francisco, Minnesota, or Cincinnati.

If you Really If you want to take a chance, you can try the Jaguars or the Texans. The two teams with defensive challenges face each other, and it is quite possible that each team’s defensive deficiencies will be outweighed by their offensive problems. Both teams rank in the top three in defensive fantasy points allowed for D / ST. We generally recommend playing head-to-head matches, but we can’t put these teams in the top 15. However, they have as good a “boom” chance as the sleepers we listed above.

It is to feel really confident that most D / STs come in within a week. Anything can happen, and a lucky rebound or two could make the difference in a top-five outing and a disappointing performance. We’ll be sure to see the injury report closer to game day as some key offensive or defensive line injuries can turn busts into sleepers and sleepers into busts quickly.

We’ll update these D / ST ratings throughout the week, so check back for the latest player movement and analysis. For an individual analysis of key DSTs, click here.

Fantasy Defense Rankings Week 15: Who To Start With, Sit D / ST In Fantasy Football