Where will Antonio Brown play in 2022? Receiver says he wants to join Lamar Jackson, Ravens

If Antonio Brown plays in the NFL next season, it sounds like the wide receiver would rather be with the Ravens.

Brown appeared on Monday’s “I Am Athlete” podcast and was asked by host Brandon Marshall where he would like to play next. Instead of saying a team, Brown shared which quarterback he wants to play with: Lamar Jackson.

“Jackson action,” Brown said. “Let’s give flowers to Lamar Jackson. … Shouts Lamar Jackson. That’s it. Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback. Not just him throwing the ball, the dynamic of him playing, the emotion.”

Jackson added to the conversation by retweeting the video of Brown’s interview and putting a devil emoji with the post.

This speculation comes just weeks after Brown ended his Tampa Bay career by stripping off his jersey and running off the field in the middle of the Buccaneers’ game against the Jets. Since then, there have been questions about whether or not Brown will continue to play in the NFL.

Any team that drafts him will have to accept Brown’s history of encountering controversy on and off the field, but the Ravens have considered signing Brown before.

Brown’s cousin is Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, a wide receiver for the Ravens. So, Brown has been in the Ravens organization in the past and even worked with Jackson in April 2020.

When asked about the catcher later that summer, Jackson said, “It was nice to throw to Antonio Brown. I was hoping we’d get it. I’m still hopeful, a little bit.”

Brown, of course, would end up signing with Tampa Bay, but he and Jackson might get another chance to play together.