Who is Patrick Mahomes’ brother? Meet Jackson Mahomes, the controversial TikTok star

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is trying to get to his third straight Super Bowl this season. But Patrick isn’t the only Mahomes making headlines.

Patrick’s younger brother Jackson, 21, has become quite the celebrity, but not always for good reasons. What started as a silly, sometimes fun career on TikTok has turned into a sometimes controversial path for Jackson.

While Jackson still does TikToks, the short videos tend to be embedded in stories where Jackson made some sort of mistake.

The young Mahomes has almost a million followers on TikTok, with more than 35 million likes.

That’s how Jackson’s career got here.

How did Jackson Mahomes become famous?

Jackson rose to popularity during the Chiefs’ 2020 Super Bowl run due to the number of TikToks he posted while at games. Many times, Jackson would stand on the sidelines and do viral TikTok dances before or after the game.

Jackson is often paired with Mahomes’ fiancée, Brittany Matthews, for their videos. The two stay on the sidelines for several games.

controversial incidents

Jackson has become quite a controversial figure this season specifically. Here is a timeline of some of those great moments when Mahomes made headlines.

September 2021 — Water bottle

After the Chiefs’ 36-35 loss to the Ravens in September, Ravens fans around Jackson were egging him on, saying they were sorry for his loss, etc. Jackson then poured water from a bottle on these fans, on video of course.

Patrick then spoke about the incident saying there were a lot of missing pieces to the story. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas even tweeted about it, saying “Leave Jackson Mahomes alone”.

October 2021 — Dancing to Sean Taylor’s number

The late Sean Taylor’s No. 21 was retired by the Washington football team the same day the Chiefs played them. All-Pro security was shot to death at age 24 in November 2007.

Jackson posted her TikTok dance routine that day, but it turned out to be in Taylor’s number, which was painted in the sidelines. .

Jackson later issued an apology. saying that Mahomes’ team was designated to remain in that area. Regardless of the reason, fans still didn’t appreciate TikTok.

December 2021: Kansas City restaurant incident

After Mahomes and some of his friends went to a local Kansas City restaurant called SoT, he posted a lengthy tirade on social media about how terrible the service was. He then deleted the post.

But SoT’s response went viral when they expressed that they would “outlive their ego”. They later deleted their original answer as well.