Who Will Win the XFL Championship? Check Out the Latest Odds

XFL is back. Fans are gearing up for an exciting new football season starting this Saturday. The league was bought by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his business partners and they are looking to make this season a memorable one. You can also make it a season to remember. Here, we take a closer look at his XFL odds for the 2023 season.

XFL Championship St. Louis Battlehawks Favorites

With the season just around the corner, many fans are starting to bet on their favorite teams using the best US sportsbooks. According to BetOnline, the St. Louis Battlehawks with odds of +400 are the favorites.

The team’s roster includes the recognizable face of QB AJ McCarron, a three-time college football national champion with Alabama who spent several years in the NFL as a backup QB.

The Seattle Sea Dragons are second in the market at odds of +450 and could be helmed by former Dallas Cowboys backup QB Ben Dinucci. He throws to NFL outcast Josh Gordon, arguably the most exciting player in the league.

Gordon has been suspended multiple times by the NFL for violating the NFL’s drug policy, but he wants a fresh start in the XFL and is looking to smoke an opposing cornerback.

Bovada, BetOnline and other sportsbooks have different odds for title chances for each team. So it’s important to compare them before betting. For example, Vegas his Vipers are just +450 at Bovada, but BetOnline believes that with odds of +700, they are unlikely to win.

Similarly, Arlington Renegade has odds of +400 at Bovada, while BetOnline has odds of +600, slightly less likely to win.

Conversely, the Houston Roughnecks are tied at +400 in BetOnline, but Bovada doesn’t think they’re that good, setting odds at +600.

Players looking for new rules, exciting games, and emotions

In 2020, the XFL played part of the season before COVID intervened, meaning the season was canceled. With some exciting changes and new rules compared to the NFL, the game is back and better than ever.

One of the biggest differences between the NFL and XFL is the rules. The XFL has its own set of rules that set it apart from the NFL. This includes shortening the play clock, changing the overtime system and a different approach to extra points.

This season of the XFL is shaping up to be an exciting season as players try to reach the NFL by making an impression in the XFL. With new rules, new faces and a fresh start, the XFL is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Get ready to place your bets and enjoy the new football season starting this Saturday.