World-class manager says Klopp gifted him a vape during the pandemic

Jürgen Klopp is a man respected by his peers, and the German coach appears to have the same respect for another world-class coach, showing it by purchasing an e-cigarette as a gift. rice field.

In a recent interview on Italian television, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said he was on good terms with Liverpool bosses and that the Italian coach had been texting them during the pandemic while he was at Everton. made it clear that

The Madrid boss said the Germans bought him an e-cigarette as a gift before labeling him “a very lovely person”.

The pair will face off again in the Champions League on Tuesday night. This is a repeat of last year’s final.

Liverpool and Real Madrid meet again in the Champions League on Tuesday.

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Ancelotti opens up about relationship with Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp

Ancelotti welcomed Klopp in an interview with Sky Sports Italia, stating: We texted and he gave me a gift, it’s true. ”

When asked what the gift would be, the Real Madrid coach added: “e-cigarettes”.

It is unusual to give it to a man in his 60s, but it seems that it was highly appreciated by the Italian coach.