Wrexham, Notts County on course to break records in title race

England’s National League is in the midst of a record season thanks to two top clubs, Notts County and Wrexham. Currently 1st in the league and his 2nd, both having great seasons so far.

League leaders Notts County scored 80 points from 33 games. Wrexham, which is two less, remains at 75 points. No other team in the National League has more than 58 points.

Great seasons for both clubs have seen multiple records fall in the division. I’m paying attention to

Impressive win rates could propel Wrexham and Notts County

The first National League record to be broken is most wins in a season. Aldershot Town, Crawley Town and Fleetwood Town all currently share his record of 31 wins in the division. At the moment, Notts County has his 24 wins and Wrexham his 23.

The Magpies need to win 8 of their last 13 games to break the record. Wrexham, on the other hand, has nine wins in his last 15 games in this period. Both clubs need to win more than 60% of his remaining matches if they maintain their current winning percentages.

In addition to winning, total league points are also achievable. Crawley Town previously set the National League scoring record with his staggering 105. In fact, Notts he County and Wrexham are both on pace to break this record. Assuming the points per match ratio continues, the two clubs are tied at 111 points.

You might even reach the scoring record

The team’s goals during the season are also threatened by the dynamic duo. The National League scoring record was previously set at 103 by Burnett and Hereford. Notts County now have 84 goals and Wrexham his 81. If the current scoring pace continues, both clubs will have over 115 goals this season.

Finally, and perhaps a little more difficult to reach, is the record scored by a player in a league season. Dover Athletic’s Ricky Miller set a staggering 40 goals in the 2016/17 season. Notts County’s Macaulay Longstaff is currently the leader as he has scored 30 goals in the league. The 26-year-old striker needs to score 10 goals in his last 13 games to match the previous record.

Photo: IMAGO / NurPhoto